ZNA Charity Race preps gather momentum

THE LOCAL horse racing authority Mashonaland Turf Club has released a provisional list of 12 horses for the Zimbabwe National Army Charity race scheduled for October 4 at Borrowdale race course.
This year’s edition of the ZNA Charity race carrying a prize money of $8,000 will be contested over 1 800M by a field yet to be determined.
This prize money will be distributed to the winning connection and the 3 runners up of the day.
All six trainers who have submitted nominees for this event will be hoping that their runners clear all the hurdles before them and make to the race day.
Some of the local based trainers that have thrown horses into the hat are Alyson Wright who has submitted 3 nominations, Amy Bronkhorst 2, and Bridget Stidolph has two horses.
Trainers Kirk Swanson and Seb D’Aquiano have a single entry each while sizzling hot Gokhan Terzi has also submitted 3 entries.
From the list submitted by the trainers to MTC early this last week the highest rated nominee at this stage is Lucky Sam from the yard of Bridget Stidolp who is rated 97 followed by Equina trained by Amy Bronkhorst and Super Trouper by Gokhan Terzi who are both rated 90.
Anchoring the bottom is the ratings table is Arrowfield by Alyson Wright which is rated 55.
So far after the weight an draws stage conducted on Thursday last week two runners have fallen by the way side leaving 106 out of the previous 108 horses vying for the available slots in all the seven events slated in for the day.
After the weights and draws stage, the second preliminary qualifying stage, conducted on Thursday September 24, Lucky Sam has been drawn in lane 12, Equina 10, Super Trouper 9, Merhaba 11, Thriller In Manila 6, Rock The Country 8, Madigan 1, Tallie Two 5, Print The Pounds 4, Two Gun Kid 3, Zita 2 and Arrowfield is in lane 7.
However this is subject to all of them making it through to the final list this Tuesday.
The final list is expected to be pushed out early next week around September 30 thereafter paving way for the printing of the race card according to MTC programme of events released last month in August.
All proceeds from the ZNA Charity Race will be donated to its various institutions dotted across the country.
Nominations for the Z.N.A Charity Handicap 1 800m stakes $8,000
1. 12 LUCKY SAM (5G) 61.5kg 97 Bridget Stidolp
2. 10 EQUINA (6M) 58.0kg 90 Amy Bronkhorst
3. 9 SUPER TROUPER (8G) 58.0kg 90 Gokhan Terzi
4. 11 MERHABA (4G) 56.0kg 88 Gokhan Terzi
5. 6 THRILLER IN MANILA (5G) 55.5kg 85 Amy Bronkhorst
6. 8 ROCK THE COUNTRY (7G) 54.0kg 82 Gokhan Terzi
7. 1 MADIGAN (7G) 53.5kg 81 Kirk Swanson
8. 5 TALLIE TWO (ZIM) (4F) 52.5kg 81 Alyson Wright
9. 4 PRINT THE POUNDS (4F) 52.0kg 80 Bridget Stidolp
10. 3 TWO GUN KID (7G) 51.0kg 76 D’Aquino S L
11. 2 ZITA (ZIM) (4G) 48.5kg 75 Alyson Wright
12. 7 ARROWFIELD (5M) 40.5kg 55 Alyson Wright


Highlanders “BOSSO” needs to up their game

It’s time to think outside the box ‘BOSSO’
Highlanders football club is a big institution that has been there since 1926 but is yet to scale dizzy heights on the pitch due to the way it conducts its business.
One of the biggest problems that has held BOSSO back is the way they have managed their relations with some of their important stakeholders over the years.
According Cuttlip Public Relations is “the management function that identifies establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the various publics on whom its successes or failure depends.
Unfortunately, it is in this area that this big institution called BOSSO has been found to be lacking over the years
As a result of that among other problems of course they are yet to make a big impression in the domestic league.
Instead they have continued to play second fiddle to their bitter rival Dembare to the extent that they have failed to beat Dynamos in over nine years of football action in the premier league.
Beyond the borders they have also failed to make any major impact in any competition they have entered up to date a situation that is undesirable for the so called “iteam yelizwe lonke” like Highlanders.
On the financial side every year they have been moving from one place to the other with a begging bowl in their hands asking for money.
However, if the club management does its home works well in time this sad situation can be avoided or handled in another way.
First and foremost it is said that “charity begins at home”. However, at Highlanders home is like hell for most people as only the chosen survive.
There is a lot of bad blood that exists between the administration of the day and former sons of the team be it the Executive, Coaches, and Players.
At the end of the day it has always been a situation of “us” and “them’ as power struggles take over and logic thrown through the window a situation detrimental to the progress of the team.
A few months ago former BOSSO son, Vusa Nyoni was spotted in Bulawayo doing his pre-season training with Bantu Rovers Football Club, a division One outfit.
When Obadiah Tarumbwa returned from Europe it took ages to get him back to the team that gave him fame and fortune.
The nation is yet to hear that Peter and Madinda Ndlovu, among others were at the Club house for a business meeting or any other activity beneficial to the club.
All these are clear signs that relations are not well. These players must come back at any opportunity to motivate upcoming youngsters within the system, but lo and behold at times they are seen as enemies hunting for other peoples’ posts.
Imagine what would happen to the team if all their former sons; Bruce Grobbler, Peter Ndlovu, Madinda Ndlovu, Benjani Mwaruwari, Rhaman Gumbo, Methembe Ndlovu among others could use their networks in Europe cultivated over the years for the good of the team. Definitely the nation will see a different BOSSO.
Over the last few years BOSSO has been surviving thorough the benevolence of Rtd Col Tshinga Dube and a few others.
However, Dube and these few cannot solve the problems of the team hence more brains and hands are needed. But how can this happen without good relations with your stakeholders; that is where the problems lies.
At times we are told that Dube is also unhappy with the way the team is failing to follow up on people who once gave a helping hand and are willing to do so again.
People who once assisted include Dr Obert Mpofu an unnamed businessman based from South Africa and may others.
At times they will tell you we need your money but with no strings attached whatever that means. But is it a crime to ask how a few dollars you donated were used.
In the early 90s BOSSO used to embark on a pre-season tour outside the country. AT one time they went to Germany and guess what on their return they came back with two good buses they later used for their trips locally.
What happened to those networks? Only the management can answer that question.
There is need for a Brand Manager to push the cause of the team forward. Caps united for all their challenges were sober enough to realise the need of having that person in their ranks.
They appointed Alois Bunjira a former son. Considering that “Kriss Kross” has a marketing background he understands the job at hand.
Imagine if BOSSO hand a brand ambassador’s office run buy one fulltime employee and an army of volunteers dotted across all suburbs within the country.
Using social media among other strategies, at the end of the month BOSSO can make a lot of money that can be used to finance the activities of the team.
If fans can pay a dollar each say Cowdary Park alone pays $200 per month, then Mpopoma Mbare, Mtapa, Sakubva among other places by the end of the month BOSSO can make as much $500,000 if not more.
This money though small by their standards is enough to buy good players and pay their salaries and even pay off sum debts. It is these players that can help take the team to the next level.
Then there is the Diaspora community who can also pour in a lot of resources into the activities of the team but they need constant follow up.
At one time Enerst Maphepha Sibanda tried to form supporter’s charters across the country, others collapsed and the resilient ones are still there. This was and still is a noble idea that needs polishing.
At the same time BOSSO needs to issue complimentary tickets to their most influential stakeholders as part of cultivating good relations. Have their ever done that? Only the executive can answer to this question but a well known Harare club has been doing that with success over the years.
There are a lot of other activities that BOSSO can embark on to unlock the full value of the team in their quest to establish themselves as a dominant brand at home and abroad only if people are willing to work together. Please do not run the people’s team like a tuck shop!!!!!

Fig Jam wins the Bloodstck Race at Borrowdale

FIG JAM did the impossible in beating the highly rated Print The Pounds on Sunday to win the Bloodstock South Africa Zimbabwe Oaks Listed race at Borrowdale racecourse.
This bay filly from the stable Kirk Swanson with jockey Francois Herholdt on board needed just 2minutes 02.84 Seconds to clear 1 800M relegating the highly rated Print The Pounds to second position. Fig Jam won this tightly contested competition by1.75 length.
For emerging as the best filly in a 9 horse race Fig Jam presented her trainer Swanson with a $6,840 winner’s cheque and a floating trophy.
Print The Pounds the second runner to cross the line got $2,160 leaving Tallie Two and Latin Queen to receive $1,350 and $810 respectively.
As soon the white flag went up the gates opened and the field set off at a scintillating pace towards the finishing line.
Positions changed hands in succession as tactical battle intensified with the jockeys on board doing all the scheming.
As they approached the 1600M mark second Light was in top form leading the way while the rest of the field was close behind in hot pursuit.
With just 400M to go things began to thicken up, the tempo increased and as the back benchers started to q position themselves for the kill. Fig Jam came and Print The Pounds suddenly came to the party. They took the race to another level with their electrifying pace.
However, with less that 200m to go Fig Jam surprised the decent gathering at Borrowdale Park.
She broke free from Print The Pounds, went a few more gears up and never looked back to cross the line.
The next race on the calendar is the Ok Grand Challenge set for June 6 at the same venue. Fourteen runners have been accepted.
Before that the OK Grand Challenge card call will take place. It has been slated in for June 4 at Borrowdale to drum up support for this competition.
The Mashonaland Owners and Trainers Association in conjunction with Mashonaland Turf Club will conduct this event.
A huge crowd is expected to grace this horse race, the most followed horse racing competition in the country.
Weekend racing results
Race 1
4 Paint It Black, 1 Al Salaam, 5 Slick, 3 Kooza
Race 2
3 Century Sunrise, 4 Burg’s Overture, 1Bachata,8 Go Galaxy
Race 3
3 Ebony Silver,9 Queen Tara,4Jean’s Dancer,1 Porter House
Race 4
3 We Doch ‘N Dorris, 5 Fighting Force, 2 Prince Fireball, 9 Vice Admiral
Race 5
2 ShezaWarrior, 4 Believe I Can Fly,5 Al Cobalena,3 Promising
Race 6
3 Sword Of The Truth,8 Seaclipper,9 Temple Run,2 Apple Tart
Race 7
6 Fig Jam, 1 Print The Pounds, 2 Tallie Two, 8 Latin Queen
Race 8
8 Quick,7 Pegwell, 2 Alula Borealis,1 Super Trouper

Jockey Karl Zechner the top dog

Jockey Karl Zechner is still the top dog as he sits comfortable at the summit of the Borrowdale jockeys’ log standing four months into the 2014/2015 horse racing season.
After winning and getting placed several times this racing season Karl Zechner is certainly moving around with a spring in his step.
Though he has been attacked by other pilots left, right and centre during race meetings, like a diamond this jockey has come out with flying colours in most of his assignments to date.
Zechner has saddled 94 runners, aboard these he has gone on to record 14 wins ,placed second 19 times, third 9 times and placed fourth 14 times.
From all the competitions he has taken part in during the period under review he has produced a 15 percent rate for wins and a 44 percent rate for a place finish.
These statistics cover period from 1 August 2014 to 5 April 2015. It has been made available courtesy of Mashonaland Turf Club (Mashturfclub). Breathing down heavily on his neck is jockey Francious Naude who is in second position.
Francious Naude has ridden 95 horses winning 11 times in the process. He has also been placed second 11 times, third 8 times and fourth 3 times. Naude has recorded a winning percentage rate of 12 and a placing percentage rate of 23.
Sean Chambers who was in position five a few weeks ago is making good progress after jumping to third position from his previous position five recorded last month.
He has taken onto the turf 65 runners resulting in 10 wins 5 second place finishes. This has come along with 8 third place finishes and 4 fourth places.
These figures have seen jockey Sean Chambers produce a 12 percentage rate for winning and a 23 percentage rate for a place finish.
Apprentice jockey Wesley Marwing is still the highest placed jockey in third position from his fifth also registered last month.
This has seen him getting the better of other battle hardened jockeys doing their trade at Borrowdale.
For the 2014 -2015 horse racing season, a total of 40 jockeys and apprentices have been registered by Mashturfclub.
Corne Spies is the trainer to beat. Spies are calling the shots at the apex of the Trainers log standing.
This trainer continues to send out winners every fortnight at the racecourse in the process winning $195,338. He has produced a winning percentage of 6 and a placing percentage rate of 19. Trainer Gokhan Terzi is occupying second position with a total of $133,243
During the same period under review the Clifton Stud is the best breeder and tops the breeders log after horses bred under this stud collected $ 49,151. In second position is the Mr PJ Moor Stud with an average earnings rate per race of $2,130 leading to a total collection of $42,598.
For the 2014-215 horse racing season there are ten registered breeders and with the Scott Brother Stable anchors the Breeders Statistics log standing after collecting $ 19,706.
Jockeys At Borrowdale log Standing
1 August 2014- 14 December 2015
Pos Jockey RDS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th win% PLC%
1. K Zechner 94 14 19 9 13 15 44
2. F Naude 95 11 11 8 3 12 23
3. S Chambers 65 10 5 8 4 15 26
4. W Marwing* 44 10 1 4 6 23 25
5. D Smith 56 8 4 5 5 14 25
6. Q Riddle 69 7 7 9 6 10 32
7. B McNaughton 68 6 8 7 9 22
8. R Simons 45 6 7 9 3 13 42
9. C Storey* 67 6 4 6 6 10 24
10. F Herholdt 37 5 4 4 2 14 27
1. In sequence of winners
2. Asterisk attached to riders denotes an apprentice

Preps for Zim Derby horse race on course

gokhan and marwingPreparations for the Zimbabwe Derby Grade (3) race, the third leg of the Triple Crown set for Borrowdale Racecourse on Sunday 19 April are in full swing.
This race is the final leg of the Triple Crown. Accepted participants will contest over of a stayers distance of 2,400M to determine the winner.
So far thirteen thoroughbred horses from local based stables have been nominated to take part in this race.
According to Mashonaland Turf Club Racing Manager, Betina Gurajena, preparations for this Grade (3) race are well on course as trainers step up their preparations for the race.
“Trainers are on the racecourse from 5am to 10am as they step up their preparations for the final leg of the Triple Crown.
“That is testimony that they are looking forward to their horses to putting up a polished act on Sunday.
“Now that the weights and draws are out, Jockeys are now securing rides for Monday 12 April declarations day.
On being asked how many horses they are going to accept for this race out of all the 13 nominees Gurajena added that she is not yet sure how big the field will be.
“I am not sure how many horses will make up the final list but we are hoping that all the nominees will all make it through”, added Gurajena
Even though winning the crown is now out of question after the first two legs went to two rival stables. Both legs were over 1,600M and 2,000M respectively.
Mica Point by Bridget Stidolp made the honours at the parade ring for winning the first leg while Merhaba by Gokhan Terzi made the stable proud after running away victorious during the running of the second leg at the same venue last month. For that reason the pride of the stable is still at stake here.
Jockeys and their running mates will therefore give it their best short on behalf of their yards and go out for a kill.
Stable that stables that will be represented if their runners make it through to the loading bays on the race day are the Corne Spies Stable with 4 nominations.
Trainer Gokhan Terzi is also in with four entries, Bridget Stidolp two while Jannie Blignaut and Alyson Wright have a single entry each.
As a result of that the Sunday race on 19 April is still worth waiting for by all fans of the sport.
The last runner to achieve a rare feat of winning the Triple Crown series race was Lucky Sam trained by Bridget Stidolp during the 2013/2014 horse racing season.
This is a rare feat to achieve only six horses in Zimbabwe in the last 100 years have managed to complete this difficult tusk with flying colours.